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[Naruto] Itachi x Naruto: Challenge #02

Community: lemonaftertaste
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi x Naruto
Title: Vicious Cycle
Challenge: #02; Hello is such a thin word
Rating: R
Archived @ Master List
Summary: He is mine every night, but that is all.

Challenge #02: Hello is such a thin word
"Vicious Cycle"

He comes back without warning every night, slipping through the window like the shadow that he is. He comes back knowing that I will always be here waiting for him- because the ball and chain exists on both my leg and my heart.

Itachi is truly a man of action and of few words, for he enters without greeting and lays hands upon me immediately after. The sensation of the bed sinking all those countless nights will stay with me forever, and even though I rarely respond to his touch, I am always awake at his return.

Sex with him can almost be described as emotionless. Please understand: his every touch sets me on fire and I never once miss my release, but he never makes a single sound until I wake in the morning when he bids me farewell. Then, he returns after sunset and the cycle begins again.

I don't know what business he conducts during the day is, but I can say, without a doubt, that my bed is the one he returns to every night, and my bed is the one he departs from every morning.


O . W . A . R . I