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[BLEACH] Kenpachi, Yachiru: Challenge #04

Community: death_n_berry
Fandom: BLEACH
Characters: Kenpachi, Yachiru
Title: Everything to Me
Challenge: Challenge #04 - "Rain of Blood"
Rating: G
Archived @ Master List
Summary: Spoilers for Chapter 114. Zaraki Kenpachi remembers.

Challenge #04 - Rain of Blood
Everything to Me

"Where did you com from... kid..."

She was a tiny little thing when he first laid eyes on her. Hell, she's still a tiny little thing and she's had what, a few hundred years by now to do something about her height? Sometimes, he wonders if she's subconsciously stunting her growth, just so she can continue to ride on his shoulders.

"This is a sword. It's used to kill people. It can kill you too..."

He met her in a sea of blood. She was the breath of fresh air amid the putrid stench of iron that stained his hands and sword. He had killed before, he had no problem with killing, but he found that he didn't need nor did he want to kill her. Area 79, the notorious hellhole of loitering souls gave you two options for survival: Kill or Be Killed. The child who touched his blade and stained her hands with blood gave him a third.

"Kid, what's your name? You don't have one? Neither do I."

He decided to call her Yachiru because it was the name of the only person he had ever cared about. Ironically, he had gone on the killing spree because he had wanted to forget the original Yachiru.

"I'll be Kenpachi, the title given to the strongest Shinigami in every generation. From this day forward, it will be my name."

Zaraki Kenpachi still remembers the pain of not having a name. He had thought of one, but did not want to give it to himself until he had found someone worth being the strongest for. Yachiru, the Yachiru he had freed from that chaos of crimson, the Yachiru who had given him a third option, the Yachiru he would make the sky rain blood for: Zaraki Kenpachi gave himself that name for her.

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Feb. 10th, 2006 09:25 am (UTC)
Aaawww... So sweet! Man, it feels weird saying "sweet" about Kenpachi **lol** I thought you nailed it and even though I love all of it, the paragraph about her height is my favourite.

Great job!

And I love your icon **he he**
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