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Drabbles #oo9-#o10

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Skin
Pairing: Dante x Winry
Rating: R
Word Count: 177
Archived @ Master List
Summary: [For forgottenlover] Defeated

Drabbles #oo9

Few things had the ability to excite Dante the way fresh, untouched virgin skin could. She even made it a point to always have someone with those qualities waiting whenever her own body began to decay, leading to centuries upon centuries of body-jumping.

Above everything, Dante desired the friction between two people with the fresh, untouched virgin skin.

When she first laid eyes on the childhood friend of Hohenheim's offspring, she could only think what a shame it was that she already had Lyra. The girl named Winry was the epitome of everything she wanted in a host body. Young, nubile, and well-aware of her own femininity while still retaining an air of sexual innocence.

How much Dante wanted to strip her of that virtue. How much Dante wanted to see her spread open like a common whore. How much Dante wanted to hear her scream and cry, in shame and in ecstasy all at once, and to feel the touch of Miss Rockbell against Lyra.

It would be so wrong. And she would love nothing more.

O . W . A . R . I

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: XOXO
Pairing: Fleur x Hermione
Rating: PG
Word Count: 168
Archived @ Master List
Summary: [For tjalorak] "What is it with you French?"

Drabbles #o10

"Welcome back, 'ermione!" Fleur proclaimed throatily as she assaulted her visitor with a flurry of kisses. She had taken Ron's insistence that hugging and kissing were uplifting to heart and now, one could hardly enter (or leave) The Burrow without getting squeezed or pecked to death- not that most of them minded. "You must be starved! Ze foods on those dreadful Muggle expresses are not fit for consumption. I shall fix you sometheen' to eat. Sit, sit."

The food was delivered ten minutes later with another round of kisses.

"What is it with you French?" Hermione asked as Fleur took the seat across the table; her words were cross but her tone had no real fire backing them. "Do you normally tongue any and every person who walks in here?"

"Oh, non! Non!!" Fleur laughed. Then, she leaned toward Hermione, who found herself unconsciously imitating the action. "Ze 'ugs are for my friends. Ze kisses are for my loves."

And, to prove her point, Fleur kissed her again.

E L . F I N