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[Tenipuri] Fuji x Yuuta: Theme #01

Community: 30_angsts
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Fuji x Yuuta
Title: Idolize
Theme: #01; broken
Rating: PG
Archived @ Master List
Summary: 2nd Person POV; Aniki was just someone you would never expect to break.

Theme #01: Broken

Aniki once commented to you, in an offhand remark that was no way offensive, that he thought you'd look good with earrings.

It took you completely by surprise and that, added with your earlier irritation of once again being referred to only as "Fuji's little otouto", inevitably caused you to snap back in anger. You told him to keep his words to himself and to leave you alone because he didn't know what the hell he was talking about; all the while he stood and took it all, smiling as if the world would never end.

How were you suppose to know that the next day would be the day Aniki decided to break the most basic and cherished of all childhood traffic laws and step off the curb without looking both ways? You were at school when you heard the news, but all you can remember from that day is the sight of him, lying in a hospital bed with needles embedded in his skin that had no color, no life.

You never realized just how much you needed that image of a perfect, invincible aniki until it came crashing down.

You were concerned, but you weren't concerned, you told yourself. He would be alright because he was Fuji Syuusuke and he always came bouncing back stronger than ever when facing a formidable adversary. And when he did, you would feel like a fool for ever worrying about him and Aniki would use those feelings, while they still lasted, to his advantage.

If only life was like a tennis game.

Days passed into weeks and weeks crossed into months. Still, his condition remained static. Still, you refused to even think of worrying.

Your loss of sleep had nothing to do with the accident. Life continues on, you argued with yourself, you still have to take high school entrance exams even though they were at least 10 months before you needed to start preparing.

Your dropping grades were merely testaments to your increased efforts in tennis, even though you've spent less than three hours on court since the accident.

The tight constriction in your throat whenever Tezuka-san from Seigaku was already there when you came in for one of the occasional visits were only a cold, mostly likely contracted from Yanagisawa-senpai and his neediness for close-range communication.

However, you were the one who happened to be at his bedside when he awoke three months later and the first thing that came out of your baka aniki's mouth was:

"Yuuta. You pierced your ears."

O . W . A . R . I