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[Naruto] Itachi x Naruto: Challenge #03

Community: lemonaftertaste
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi x Naruto
Title: First, Second, and Third Meeting
Theme: #03; The kind of cat you just can't pick up
Rating: R
Archived @ Master List
Summary: Itachi did not meet Naruto in that hotel; there were two other times.

Challenge 03: The Kind of Cat You Just Can't Pick Up
"First, Second, and Third Meeting"

The first time Itachi met Uzumaki Naruto, the latter ended up on the ground with a large bump on his head. To be fair, the kid was the one who ran into him- yet he was the one sitting dejectedly as if the collision had been his fault.

"Watch where you're going." Itachi said before reaching out a hand reluctantly. The boy suddenly looked up, glaring angrily through what might have been tears before promptly slapping Itachi's hand away. Itachi raised a brow. Blond hair, blue eyes, and whiskered cheeks; undoubtedly the vessel of the Kyuubi he had heard so much about.

The boy rubbed at his eyes furiously and resumed his glaring.

"I will be Hokage one day."

"Of course you will."

The kid had no time to look surprised; chakra had already started building up behind Itachi's eyes.

This conversation never existed.


The second time Itachi met Uzumaki Naruto, the latter was sleeping on a tree trunk near Itachi's no-longer-private training spot.

He came, he saw, he resisted the temptation to kidnap him then and there (his admission into the Akatsuki would've been jeopardized if he acted rashly), and left the blond's slumber in peace.

To throw away an opportunity like this was not in his character, but now was not the time. They did not need the Kyuubi vessel at this point in time and Uzumaki Naruto would have to be allowed to live until then, for even though he was to die, he was still the mere invaluable storage container they would one day all be vying for. Then again, that was all he was. Nothing more.


The third time Itachi met Uzumaki Naruto, it was nearly a decade later. The boy was now a shinobi and the higher echelons had deemed him worthy of attention. The Kyuubi seems to have manifested beautifully in the boy, they said. Capture him, they said, obtain the Yondaime Hokage's inheritance.

Then was the time to take him, then was the time to legitimately rob him of his freedom. He did not.

No, he reported to the Akatsuki elders when they questioned him on his failure. The vessel of the Kyuubi has a naturally high amount of chakra. If we allow his abilities to grow, the Kyuubi's chakra and his own will intermix even further. Then, we will reap an even greater reward; all we have to lose is time.

They admitted to the logic of his theory and he slipped by with only a reprimand and a heavily recommended warning to complete his mission the next time. He never left one unfinished after that incident.


That was the last time he met Uzumaki Naruto. They would have many encounters in the future, but then, Naruto would remember him. He would remember the face, the eyes, and the name Uchiha Itachi.

He could not wait.

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