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[Tenipuri] Niou x Yagyuu: Phrase #23

Community: insert_phrase
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Niou x Yagyuu
Title: Fettish Sex
Theme: #23; "Next time, I lead and you follow"
Rating: NC17
Archived @ Master List
Summary: Sex, sex, and more sex.

Phrase #23: "Next time, I lead and you follow"
"Fettish Sex"

Niou loved having sex up against a wall. Of course, Niou probably loved having sex in general, but at the moment, with Yagyuu pressed up the side of the clubhouse showers, The Gentleman was almost certain that Niou did indeed have some sort of a fetish; not that he had much time to dwell on the thought.

Both sets of clothing lay protruding from the side of the shower, Yagyuu's glasses sitting neatly on top. Niou had been especially ecstatic when his partner hadn't objected to his removal of the dratted object. Suppose someone should come in right now, they'd know- the glasses would've informed them immediately of the stall's occupants.

"Masaharu," Yagyuu started, "perhaps we should lock the door."

"Why?" Niou glanced up, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Everybody's gone." Lick. "Only ones left...” Lick. "Are Yanagi...” Lick. "And Kirihara." Bite.

"Suppose either Renji or Akaya come in here. Then-" Niou's tongue lapped eagerly at Yagyuu's nipples, an action that aroused him more than Yagyuu cared to admit, thus effectively cutting off the rest of his speech. So he settled for a glare, which Niou returned with mock-zeal.

"Don't worry." Niou whispered, hands traveling south, wrapping around Yagyuu and stroking none-too-gently. "We won't get caught." Alas, of all the famous last words. At that moment, on cue, the door to the clubhouse clicked open and someone entered. Niou immediately clamped his free hand over Yagyuu's mouth as his other continued working tirelessly (and skillfully), with added enthusiasm, to make his partner hard. Yagyuu's knees weakened.

The sound of that person rummaging through a bag reached Niou's ears. (Yagyuu started sliding down, back against the wall.) Kirihara must've forgotten something, the keys to the storage room no doubt. Stupid brat. Suddenly, the sound abruptly stopped for a few seconds. (By now, Yagyuu was completely gone, seated on the floor, legs separated by Niou's knee.) Then, it resumed with frenzy, and then, with a slight jingling of keys, Akaya sprinted out of the clubhouse.

Niou released his grip on the other's mouth and started laughing. "He won't be able to look at us for a week-"

"MASAHARU." His speech was brought to an unexpected halt when Yagyuu suddenly broke in, taking a firm hold on Niou's chin and yanking it down to eye level. Then, sounding absolutely livid: "Don't you dare stop now."

Niou obliged, of course. Not that Yagyuu was looking particularly threatening or anything, but there would always be special cases where he would actually give the obedience demanded of him. The lube made a brief appearance before a fantastic exit...

..And then there was smut.


"Admit it."


"Say it."

"Next time, I lead and you follow."


A sigh. "Sex in the school does add an element of thrill."

"Damn right. You were much more passionate today."



"Is it safe, Yanagi-senpai?"

"Now do you understand why we don't go in the clubhouse before Niou and Yagyuu leave, Akaya?"

"Yes, senpai."


O . W . A . R . I