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[Tenipuri] Niou x Yagyuu: Phrase #05

Community: insert_phrase
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Niou x Yagyuu
Title: The Switch
Theme: #05; "My outrage will be the death of me"
Rating: PG13
Archived @ Master List
Summary: Whoever said 'the switch' was Niou's idea?

Phrase #05: "My outrage will be the death of me"
"The Switch"

"I can't believe you're the one who thought this up and I can't believe we're going through with it."

"Learn to act in character, Masaharu." Yagyuu said, emerging from his sister's bedroom with a tub full of.. stuff. "I would never say the words 'I can't believe' in perfect succession."

"Fine." Niou cleared his voice and said, in a voice and tone dead similar to Yagyuu's: "I am unable to comprehend how it is you who proposed this idea and I'm further unable to fathom why we're proceeding with this insanity on your insistence. Why, my outrage will be the death of me- we're not going to use all that, are we?"

"No." Yagyuu replied nodding to the large bottle of gel and various assortment of scented hairspray. "That is all we need. Everything else was taken to discourage my sister's usage of.. 'American Wild Splash Cherry Berry Lipstick, now with 10% more glitter'."

"Nice of you." Niou quipped as they headed toward the bathroom. Once inside, Yagyuu dumped the contents, turned to Niou, folded his arms, and said: "So what do we do now?"

"So what do we do now?" Niou asked incredulously. "This is YOUR mastermind idea."

"I'm well aware of that." Yagyuu responded crossly. "But putting it into action is your expertise. I, in case you haven't noticed, have a clean record."

Niou blanched, and then it suddenly struck him that Yagyuu was actually encouraging mischief. And he'd rather be Kirihara's target practice for an entire week rather than miss such an opportunity due to miscommunication.

"Most important is the hair," Niou began, fishing around for the massive bottle of glop he'd spied earlier. "About the color-"

"I'm not dying my hair."

"Neither am I, so we're in agreement." Niou said, "If anyone asks.. I'll say 'Niou attacked me' and you'll say.. say something cool."

"Very well."

"Right. Anyway, I'm sure your hair is pretty easy to copy, but mine's a work of art and you can't reproduce art so we'll just..."


"You really outdid yourself, Masaharu." 'Yagyuu' said an hour later as he fiddled with his glasses. "I doubt your brother would be able to tell the difference."

"Of course I did." 'Niou' bragged back. "I'm just that good." Suddenly, he glanced over to 'Yagyuu' and a wicked smile crossed his face. "Neh, Hiro-kun," he said, putting each hand on 'Yagyuu's shoulder and steering him toward the bedroom. "Have I ever told you how cute you are?"

- Two-minutes later -

"..MMmmm- Hiro-kun!"

"You do mean 'Masaharu', right?"

O . W . A . R . I